Just as Stubborn

She was just as stubborn as he was…but she was better at it.

In the second book in the Stubborn series, eighteen-year-old Avery Ross returns to North Dakota to reunite with her long-distance sweetheart, Gabriel Halden, but Gabe is no sooner called to his Texas home where Avery’s aunt is having his father’s baby. Upon arrival, they encounter a runaway who possesses a secret that could compromise the strength of Gabe’s family and the Halden-Remington oil empire.

The search for the elusive girl turns stormy for the couple as tornado weather threatens Texas, and Gabe’s brother intrudes on their time alone. When the girl reappears, she reveals her connection with Gabe’s family and unknowingly traps Avery and the brothers in a blackmail scheme. An upsetting spin on what began as an ordinary road trip pushes everyone’s stubbornness to a new level, and Avery is left to question her role in Gabe’s future when a forceful act of nature collides with fate.