Stubborn Truth

She thought the lies were over…the truth was out. She had another thing coming.

In the third book in the Stubborn series, Avery Ross and Gabriel Halden take their relationship to the next level and settle down in the middle of the North Dakota oil boom. Following the turbulent ending of their Texas adventure, bad blood thickens between the Halden siblings and their father when an unexpected visitor arrives and shakes up the new family dynamic. Avery further strains relations with Gabe and his father when she lands herself in hot water after getting tangled in Halden-Remington affairs.

While trying to lay low, Avery accidently unravels the truth about the Halden’s visitor. She begins to suspect some of the people in Gabe’s life are not who they say they are. Soon accusations fly and secrets are exposed, catching everyone in a real life game of truth or dare. Avery tries to help Gabe accept the chaos that is his life, but her plans change when she comes face-to-face with a surprising plot twist of her own.