I grew up in small town Central New York, swimming in the Finger Lakes, scavenging the hills for arrowheads, and cheering on the Orangemen. I was raised in a book-loving family and I credit my love of storytelling to my parents for reading to me every day.

I declared I was going to be a children’s book illustrator in the first grade, and by junior high I was painting everything. I illustrated through college and earned an art studio degree with a focus in education, but I never became a teacher. And it never occurred to me to write a book until later in my life.

Call me crazy, but I loved everything about school and being a teenager. I hung out with a great group of friends so I have lots of stories to inspire my writing. I married my high school sweetheart and when I sat down to record our story a few winters ago, the factual account of how we met morphed into a full length paranormal novel about a mystical underground world. I was bitten by a writing bug and penned a sequel. Following that, I wrote several novels. I have a dozen stories inside me waiting impatiently for their turn.

You’ll never hear me say I love gardening or exercise. When I’m not seat belted to a kitchen chair in front of my laptop, I enjoy catching up on reading, writing articles, and taking road trips with my family. I’m currently working on the eighth novel in the Stubborn series, two stand-alone YA novels, and an adaption to TV of a Stubborn-related story.

Life is good!

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