Pride and Stubbornness

In the fifth book in the Stubborn series, Gabriel Halden believes his late brother is sending him a message after a piece of the past drops into Avery Ross’s lap. As if that isn’t enough drama, the appearance of an antagonizing superstar puts the Haldens on high alert, and Avery suspects Gabe is holding onto a bigger secret. As his birthday approaches, Gabe’s concerning behavior forces Avery to figure out his connection to the celebrity.

With help from an unexpected visitor, Avery’s mischief making lands her in a web of moral dilemmas when she finds herself chasing after more than just answers. Too proud to let go of an old betrayal, Gabe attempts to settle a score. Avery realizes life in North Dakota will never be ordinary, so she proposes an enterprising plan that could help them live happily ever after on their own terms.