The Luxury of Being Stubborn

In the fourth book in the Stubborn series, Avery Ross stumbles across a startling discovery on the Remington Ranch while Gabriel Halden is on a mysterious trip with Judson. As Avery finds clues about the Halden’s connection to an unsolved mystery, Gabe insists there’s no link between Judson’s shady behavior and the secrets she thinks she’s uncovered.

Further inquiry on the ranch continues as Avery helps her aunt pull off the surprise of the summer and Gabe’s siblings attempt to make sense of unexpected news. When Avery’s suspicion about Judson’s character escalates, she takes a chance and confronts him behind Gabe’s back. To the couple’s shock, it seems everyone in their lives is keeping a secret, and Judson’s revelation might turn out to be the biggest bombshell of all.